About us


The Distell Development Trust came into being as a result of a B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment deal) in 2005 between Distell Limited and Wiphold (Women’s Investment Portfolio Holdings). The deal was aimed specifically at providing economic benefits to women (via Wiphold), to Distell staff who had been in the company’s employ for at least one year, and to communities in which Distell does business...

Who We Are

Our Purpose

The Trust’s core Purpose is to play an active and value-adding role in socio-economic transformation in South Africa.

Our Ideals

There is visible and acknowledged reduction in economic inequality brought about by the Trust and its various partners;

Black women who have been empowered by the Trust and its partners are publicly acknowledged for their successes;

Our Guiding Principles

In shaping the Trust’s purpose and future direction, the following key points are seen as critical drivers. These address WHAT and HOW the Trust wishes to achieve its purpose:



Our Values

The Trust has adopted the Distell Group’s set of values with appropriate adaptations. Our values are:



Our Vision

The Distell Development Trust has a vision of better-performing schools, substantially improved economic equality, and a significantly higher level of employment in communities where the Trust has invested.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Distell Development Trust is to invest in and help capacitate programmes that take an innovative or entrepreneurial approach to:

Empowering women, particularly black women, in rural communities;

Bringing about improvements in education and work-readiness; and

Our Projects

Investing in Communities

Enabled by the Trust’s funding, Impumelelo staged a major awards programme that identified and awarded community programmes across South Africa that have demonstrated prize-worthy . Impumelelo also ran masterclasses, which included one on assessing impact of social investments and produced two youth-related, best-practice publications...


Corporate Governance

The Distell Development Trust is an important contributor to Distell’s B-BBEE (Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment) score. Since the Trust is required to operate as a B-BOS (Broad-based Ownership Scheme) the Trust’s contribution is to the Ownership element rather than the Socio-economic Development element. The B-BBEE points are awarded as long as the Trust fulfils its mandate as a B-BOS in terms of the Trust Deed. Fulfilment is assessed by Distell’s B-BBEE advisors, who provide an ICPR (Independent Competent Person’s Report)...

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