Rural communities (training & entrepreneurship)

Main objective:

To address chronic economic poverty and economic marginalization. Their philosophy is to support people to realise their own agency and ability to shape their lives and communities in positive and lasting ways. Ubunye’s Livelihoods Programme and Savings and Financial Education Programme where poverty-stricken individuals are engaging in business activities for survival purposes. Their main objective has been to generate cash for consumption.

Ubunye’s involvement is enabling these individuals to improve their technical skills, as well as to grow their micro-businesses by reinvesting profits, learning new purchasing and management skills, and improving access to market information.


  • 319 women joined savings groups
  • 26 young women (graduates of Ikamva lolutsha) found permanent employment
  • 174 women started green businesses
  • 30 young women, returned to school and further education and training institutions

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