Usiko (mainly Stellenbosch and surrounding areas in the Western Cape)

Usiko’s work focuses on youth aged 12 up to 18 years. The focus includes "children of impoverished farm workers and adolescents from townships and remote rural settlements as well as young offenders referred by the court system". A central feature of Usiko’s intervention is its wilderness therapy, which enables the participants to "explore personal issues and develop skills in leadership as well as raise awareness of, and connection to nature". The wilderness therapy therapy has gained worldwide recognition as a best-practice model and is accredited through the Department of Social Development.

The Trust’s funding is used for the Schools-based prevention and Sustainable livelihoods programmes. These programmes aim to aid the transition into the working world through vocational skills, internships and help with accessing bursaries and further education".

Main objective:

This programme is aligned to the Trusts strategic imperative of empowering peri-urban communities (women and youth) using three programmes namely: Schools based prevention programmes; Livelihoods & skills training; Women Empowerment Programmes. In so doing, they contribute to the Trust’s objective of increasing levels of employment and income generation in that geography.


Usiko surpassed all the goals set for 2021/2022

The outcomes of this programme include:

  • increased self-confidence ,
  • improved economic opportunity (due to academic/ vocational qualifications) and
  • improved work readiness and practical work skills (due to work experience provided during internships).

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