South African Medical & Education Foundation (SAME foundation)

Main objectives:

Improve healthcare and educational facilities in poverty-stricken communities. One of their projects, the Masia Maths and Science Academy (MMSA), provides education programmes for primary and high school learners.

Programmes supported:

  • Establish newly renovated, equipped and furnished science labs and maths classrooms
  • Increase the uptake of Pure Maths, Physical and Life Sciences subjects
  • Increase science and maths marks across the region

Create a pool of learners who will excel when offered further opportunities and learnerships


Total number of students 2022 calendar year: 1868 in 3 different cohorts.

  • Mathematics ,Science and English (from 10x primaryy schools, homework assistance programme.
  • Laboratory services for 15 different high schools (Natural Sciences) Grades 10 to 12
  • Maths, English, Natural Sciences, Computer Literacy (Grades 7 to 11) 7x high schools.

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