School Turnaround Foundation (Worcester, Western Cape)

The School Turnaround Foundation (STF) has developed a turn-around methodology that successfully addresses serious problems in public schooling, amongst others, the high dropout rate, mediocre learner outcomes and dysfunctional schools. STF has piloted this methodology successfully in a number of provinces.

With a three-year funding commitment from the Trust, STF is applying this methodology effectively in four primary schools in the Worcester area. The most evident improvements after 15 months are: significantly higher levels of enthusiasm and motivation among principals, teachers and learners; much more effective use of the learning time available throughout the teaching year; a noticeable shift among learners from rote learning to conceptual understanding; and a measurable improvement in pass rates.

The Trust is also particularly encouraged by the positive outcomes of an intervention developed especially for learners with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). This is important as the prevalence of FASD in the four schools ranges from 18% to 26%.

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